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Inspirational & Spiritual Gifts

Receive a warm welcome to Novica's Inspirational and Spiritual Gifts homepage. Inspired by faith, by love, and by nature, artisans share their beliefs through meticulously crafted spiritual gifts.

From sculptures to paintings, candles to jewelry, each inspirational or spiritual gift is enriched by your motivation to give it. It is also underscored by the honorable principles of fair trade.

Spiritual Gifts

There is always meaning within every gift we make: a message of love, of faith, of inspiration and, of celebration. A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect gift that best conveys what is in our hearts. At Novica we'd like to assist you in the process with our online Inspirational and Spiritual Gift collection.

Spirituality offers solace, comfort, and motivation. From the beginning of time, spiritual beliefs have inspired admirable works of devotional art, including sculptures and paintings. Masks are highly expressive witnesses to a culture's millenary belief system and artistic tradition.

As well as serving an ornamental function, jewelry given in gift is laden with personal meaning. A heart necklace holds the promise of love everlasting; inspired by nature, an authentic orchid brooch is destined to become a timeless heirloom.

Novica's Spiritual and Inspirational Gifts collection is in itself borne from our deepest respect for every culture's spiritual essence, and the inspirational influence they have on us.


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